Words create illusions that can cause emotional effect. They call the way you describe this vivid imagery, your soul.

With this in mind, Our spirit is the living thought upon which we understand.

The will is that process of making a choice or a movement.

It is safe to say we as individuals and we as in the whole; create what we think, what we feel, and what we know.

In mass agreements of this illusionary movement or process is what we call or understand as reality.

As humans that draws a simple answer to the inexplicable

Thought is creation, in larger groups the more relative it becomes.

The art , the basis of all knowledge and understanding, is in the hands of the ones who explore and understand this processes.

Creativity the degree of which we understand anothers outward expression of energy.

We can put our thought into motion physically…. As an individual or as a group.

Ill let you decide how to view or interpret that, that’s part of why we live, to explore this understanding.

Without an outlet to express our logic or our entire being, we are doomed to ignorance and self destruction

Words can be misinterpreted even the ones ive written.

Pictures too. Because they invoke a memory or thought of our own life understanding.

Misunderstanding….the largest destructive entity yet. The factor by which we have notion of what ought to be and fear of what it may or may not truelly mean.

We can disagree and still understand. We can agree and understand.

By which creates cognitive desonance, the confliction of our morals and values by wanting to be as one or by wanting to be an individual. And creates conflicts…

When if you just remember the first few sentences I wrote, you will realise it does not matter. We all have ability to move freely and believe and create what we choose, deciding what is wrong or what is right is not always right. Its just not always easy.

I see that sometimes, the misunderstanding is all one knows.

In which case I trust this process of the self and of like minds. The “love” is the understanding, the nonjudgement. The closer and more we become closer to this the closer we are to what is commonly understood as “God”

There are many paths to take to reach this understanding, in religion in life in speaking writing drawing dancing; in anything.

And the closer to this understanding, the easier I find it is to live and let live.


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