Out of the darkness a young girl walked on the starry night of May.

her long hair cascading down with ease, as she found the strength to get up off her knees.

so many years lost, twisted in sorrows and fears,  so many nights weeping and holding the burdon of tears.

No longer more. No longer more.

from the dark the light was born and in the dark the light shines brightest.

embracing this way we encounter Decay

instead of fading amongst a shadow of the day, blending into the world of gray…

Think not with the mind because the eyes which it depends upon have become blind.

feel with the thought and think with the being called the heart

there is always a path where The time was taken to start

lead not, follow not , sit and just be.

Take the time to be Joyful to be happy and use honesty to stay free. 

Keep remembering only our sorrows dread the tomorrow’s…

listen to the self and be not afraid to do what must be done

build within trust see what it is to be at one

Do you dare be aware?

then hear the thought that could not by thyself be seen…

With it’s accountability alone enlightenment is an increasing possibility

is your reception clear enough for my perception?

rid the deception… then you’ll find the connections to answer any and all questions.  

It’s about time I gave mention to the nature of my intention. 

Concepts and thought without  misconception. 

With no exemption


In abandonment of self

When you READ INTO our lives its much like history.


Many memories elaborate with what we assume was the most logical reason as to why things were done the way they were.


Most of the time we are stuck in a point of view, stuck in our thoughts, stuck in trying to be in the shoes of another with the reasoning trying to “understand”. What if we just didn’t think at all.

Is it possible?

 I wonder if we completely abandoned our thoughts and emotions and remained neutral in observance if we would continue to read into others histories or even our own……If we would continue to worry about tomorrow or if we instead by theory in that moment after practicing the habit of abandoning opinion and judgement, would adopt a new sensation. 
 It’s harder then you think to not have a point of view. Tell me of your experiences .

Have you ever been in the now? 

Practice that. I will do the same! 


Tears years fears and too many beers amongst my peers.


No need to compare when we all share and is the only way we found can truelly be fair.

Its not by blind faith that a mountain moves but the obstacle is overcome by a gental voice that soothes.

Gental hands lead and rarely does anger succeed when you let it breathe.

A soft touch to a broken heart may be too much until the heart lets go of its painful clutch.

  • A kiss is not to miss if in total bliss and at one in a moment like this.


If I was interested or if you were interested I wouldn’t be bored or bothered like this. I wouldn’t feel dismissed.

But I do, and I’m unsure if there is even a cure and you tell me this unease I have is insecure?

I’m not looking for perfect and pure ¬†or even to be everything to you and more, I don’t need the grandeur.

I just want to be sure the genuinity for me, that’s within you, is true; and not based upon the opinion of a crew or based upon what I do for you.



Elder Scrolls


1. Through mindful and awareness of ones destruction of ones life, we find strength in oneself

2. In silence and process of action, one can understand

3. In Mutuality and compromise one finds true Joy

4. Through perseverance one finds strength

5. Through open heart and mind; one finds trust, healing, and can learn

6. In another one will find emptiness, until one is whole itself

7. One self is not whole, until one self is nothing or empty

8. When one self is empty or nothing it seeks not until one finds it allll

9. Once one self finds it all, one self looses it, and what comes back is real

10. Through sacrifice, one will only find regret; sacrifice, is never the way