Out of the darkness a young girl walked on the starry night of May.

her long hair cascading down with ease, as she found the strength to get up off her knees.

so many years lost, twisted in sorrows and fears,  so many nights weeping and holding the burdon of tears.

No longer more. No longer more.

from the dark the light was born and in the dark the light shines brightest.

embracing this way we encounter Decay

instead of fading amongst a shadow of the day, blending into the world of gray…

Think not with the mind because the eyes which it depends upon have become blind.

feel with the thought and think with the being called the heart

there is always a path where The time was taken to start

lead not, follow not , sit and just be.

Take the time to be Joyful to be happy and use honesty to stay free. 

Keep remembering only our sorrows dread the tomorrow’s…

listen to the self and be not afraid to do what must be done

build within trust see what it is to be at one

Do you dare be aware?

then hear the thought that could not by thyself be seen…

With it’s accountability alone enlightenment is an increasing possibility

is your reception clear enough for my perception?

rid the deception… then you’ll find the connections to answer any and all questions.  

It’s about time I gave mention to the nature of my intention. 

Concepts and thought without  misconception. 

With no exemption

Outspoken and awoken

i take their soul and burn them like coal the secret from time the abnormal rythm chose me in rhyme

So many of those lives i stole, and now i own the role, which is responsible for deaths missing and increasing payroll.

Tearing down the gates of heaven and gates of hell amongst the oceans of thoughts as they swell…. I find a comfortable place to dwell.

Amongst the voiceless I find communication, a way, a mutuality that isn’t hazy and Grey.

What more can I say about this very day?

The sometimes ….

i remain hidden in the dark, disguised as the remora but i am the shark…. lurking, much like the rabid black dog being without a bark… balancing being human burdened with emotion, half dead amongst the angels ark, and cursed with this knowledge and cognitively awakened notion ….

So in such mind i think not so my process is clear, so can expand beyond What I tell myself i fear….

can you hear? the voices amongst the violence of silence…

i guess that statement is a little extreme, but its true as it would seem, life is a dream whether or not we merrily sing while sailing this vivid stream…..