Outspoken and awoken

i take their soul and burn them like coal the secret from time the abnormal rythm chose me in rhyme

So many of those lives i stole, and now i own the role, which is responsible for deaths missing and increasing payroll.

Tearing down the gates of heaven and gates of hell amongst the oceans of thoughts as they swell…. I find a comfortable place to dwell.

Amongst the voiceless I find communication, a way, a mutuality that isn’t hazy and Grey.

What more can I say about this very day?

The sometimes ….

i remain hidden in the dark, disguised as the remora but i am the shark…. lurking, much like the rabid black dog being without a bark… balancing being human burdened with emotion, half dead amongst the angels ark, and cursed with this knowledge and cognitively awakened notion ….

So in such mind i think not so my process is clear, so can expand beyond What I tell myself i fear….

can you hear? the voices amongst the violence of silence…

i guess that statement is a little extreme, but its true as it would seem, life is a dream whether or not we merrily sing while sailing this vivid stream…..

Lost at sea 3:33

A thought assassin
An upper class man
Without abandon

Hope in our future
No wound for suture
No disease to cure

Only one
before its undone
Collects the ” none ”

Our broken thoughts under the sun…

It Fuels the fire and desire to create
Where the common man will depreciate…

Create something other then ways to instigate investigate or deliberate

Grow from within

What the hell is a sin?
When truth is right or wrong do not exist

As much as you deny that and try to resist

It is what it is

A thought assassin
Dark as night and crooked smile

Never wait
fear none

Dont equate

Be great

Do not miss miss what you cannot see.

Which is life for the likes of we,

Coexistence with impossibility.

Beauty is not within the eye
That is the lie

The ugly truth is what you find uncouth
Because your lost in the dream of reality.

We call this lost at sea.

Found this thought at gate 333

What “they”say and the truth

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

No. Absence makes the heart tired of absence.

“What goes around comes around”

No. What comes around comes around and what stays around you encourage.

“Age before beauty”

That instance is only true when it comes to death.

“Can’t turn a hoe into a house wife”

No. Truthfully, ive seen more “hoes” become married and many good women left to fend for themselves because a good woman wouldn’t put up with half the bull a hoe would. I wonder why divorce is so common. Just saying.

“You get what you give”

No. You get what people give you. Which sucks. No matter how hard you work for it

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get”

No. Life is not that sweet and with employment life became quite predictable. You know what your going to get . and the funny thing is, chocolate boxes have a key to what’s what we just don’t read it. So unless there is a book that is a specific key to , forest gump is still an inbred idiot whose daddy had alto of money and that’s what got him by.

“Better to have love and lost to never have loved at all”

Really. If it was love there would be no win or loss and it would not be so traumatic and dramatic.

“Jesus loves you”

Is that why his people preach instead of feeding the starving? Sounds to me they want to get the brainwash in when your down so they can be sure to keep you in line and make a lie a reality. And … If Jesus was all love , why is his following so judgemental against their norm?

Don’t give me a saying unless you want to be gagged. Because its all they are. Gags.

I dont know why

Secret garden guarded with lock and key
Oh how the taboo fuels my curiosity
Driven towards what’s forbidden
Until my reality is a hidden abnormality
Motivated to fulfill impossibility
With endless possibility and no thought in popularity

Oh what a thrill it would be
To lay my eyes upon what we cannot see
I don’t understand your rules and need of conformity
Life has this chore of social uniformity
Yet our language perpetuates a problem in enormity
So I speak not
As I pass by that forbidden lot
Putting on this mask of joyous facade in this land of nod
But I would like to spare the children and the rod
By showing silence when your blindness fuels rage and I am considered odd,
So if you ask why so distant, I’m not resistant , I just don’t understand our logic and why we persist in it…. Or why we allow truth to adhear to fear when its all very clear…..

There is more to explore then misery’s unsettled score….