In abandonment of self

When you READ INTO our lives its much like history.


Many memories elaborate with what we assume was the most logical reason as to why things were done the way they were.


Most of the time we are stuck in a point of view, stuck in our thoughts, stuck in trying to be in the shoes of another with the reasoning trying to “understand”. What if we just didn’t think at all.

Is it possible?

 I wonder if we completely abandoned our thoughts and emotions and remained neutral in observance if we would continue to read into others histories or even our own……If we would continue to worry about tomorrow or if we instead by theory in that moment after practicing the habit of abandoning opinion and judgement, would adopt a new sensation. 
 It’s harder then you think to not have a point of view. Tell me of your experiences .

Have you ever been in the now? 

Practice that. I will do the same! 


Author: mAdMoUtHiNk

Say what you want say what you will; I feel its sad how we feel what we say and make each other ill…. build me up or break me still, the monster is in this language; as a kill or a thrill.

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