Elder Scrolls


1. Through mindful and awareness of ones destruction of ones life, we find strength in oneself

2. In silence and process of action, one can understand

3. In Mutuality and compromise one finds true Joy

4. Through perseverance one finds strength

5. Through open heart and mind; one finds trust, healing, and can learn

6. In another one will find emptiness, until one is whole itself

7. One self is not whole, until one self is nothing or empty

8. When one self is empty or nothing it seeks not until one finds it allll

9. Once one self finds it all, one self looses it, and what comes back is real

10. Through sacrifice, one will only find regret; sacrifice, is never the way


Author: mAdMoUtHiNk

Say what you want say what you will; I feel its sad how we feel what we say and make each other ill…. build me up or break me still, the monster is in this language; as a kill or a thrill.

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